Where To Go In Italy If You’re Brokenhearted

If you’re broken hearted and looking for a get away in Europe, let me tell you why Italy is your place.

I’m currently writing this at 4.40am in my hostel located at the beautiful area of St. Zaccaria in Venice. After a lot of thinking about why my trip has been an emotional roller-coaster, I’ve reached a conclusion for why you should stay in Rome and not Venice.

1) Nightlife 

This may not particularly apply to those who are looking for a quiet luxurious get away, but for a young traveller like me; Rome is oozing with nightlife. I stayed for 3 nights at The Yellow Hostel in Rome which was packed with other young travellers who sought for beautiful sceneries at day time and endless nights of being young, wild and free. The Yellow offered activities during the day such as Walking Tours of Rome which allows you to meet other travellers. The best part is that there is always something happening during the night such as; live karaoke night, pub quiz, toga parties & THE PARTY BUS. Every broken hearted traveller needs to visit this place.

Venice is not a place for night owls, there are hardly any lively bars or clubs to hang around in. The city dies at around 8pm – however, this is the perfect time to visit St Mark’s square without crowds of tourists.

2) Venice Is The Perfect City For Couples

If you’re like me who hates seeing overly affectionate couples, then stay away from Venice. Every corner you will find a couple at their honey-moon stage showing everyone (me) exactly what it’s like to be happily in love.

This may be a very bitter reason but it’s a real reason for me as to why I wouldn’t visit Venice alone again.

The reason behind this is because Venice is an extremely beautiful and romantic city with amorous gondola rides, atmospheric restaurants by the canals and the maze-like structure of the place that makes it a perfect place to get lost in with your other half.

3) If You Want To See Venice, Go For No More Than 2 Nights

There is no doubt that Venice is gorgeous, everybody in this world needs to visit at least once in their life time. However, if you’re on your own it’s not the best choice to stay for longer than 2 nights.

You can pretty much explore Venice in one day by taking the numero 1 water bus. On that bus ride you will see most of the famous historical buildings and even explore the streets on foot.

The next day you should go to the islands of Murano & Burano which is only a 15 minute water bus ride. It’s famous for its colourful, picturesque houses and the amazing glass factory.

That’s it! Keep exploring. 

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